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Jul 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
back heal. in the american league orioles jason hammel lost out to texas pitcher hugh darvish. now that this voting hoopla is over the nationals can focus on the game to have a chance to bring out the broom against the giants. matt cain takes the mound for san fran. ross detwiler starts for washington. >>> the capitals keeping a core player, center mathieu perreault agreed to a new two- year deal worth $2 million. last year he played 64 games racking up 14 goals and 16 assists. they resigned jay beagle to a three-year extension. >>> bounty gate is far from over. the nfl players association today filed a lawsuit against the league claiming commissioner roger goodell is incurably and evidently biased. the suit is trying to overturn a suit by hargrove and fujita. the suit claims goodell violated the collective bargaining agreement by not providing them with critical evidence. jonathan bile -- jonathan vilma is in a separate lawsuit of his own. >>> you will now see what the referees are seeing during a video review. fans will see exactly what the refs are seeing while they're seeing i
Jul 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
combined. more showers and storms from texas along the southeast. why? they have been there a couple days. the same front that slips south of us sunday night and monday that broke us from the hundreds and knocked us back into the 80s. it's going to be the focus of showers and storms. up to the north and west of us, around hagerstown and cumberland. quite frankly, they died out all together. i don't see a shower in the metro area. we'll keep it together. the air mass is dry and it is also stable. temperature wise, it is pretty nice. 84 in bethesda. 83 in vienna. 84 in fairfax. a little warmer out toward laurel. 88 and 87 in college park. but again, humidity is not bad. so, just warm through friday. seasonal temperatures. isolated thunderstorm possible tonight. still seasonal thursday. seasonal friday. the heat begins to roll back in here on saturday. nothing crazy on saturday. gets crazier as we get into next week. so for tonight, early shower or thunderstorm west of town. otherwise partly cloudy and mild. mid 60s and low 70s. winds southeast at 10. so if you're in the suburbs tonight, you
Jul 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
over a decade's time. sandusky was convicted last month on 51 charges. >>> the teenager from texas has reached the white house carrying quite a burden. he walked all the way here carrying a cross. his name is junior garcia. he has been walking on behalf of a charitable campaign. it's nationally assemblies of god program that raises money to buy cars for missionaries. >>> well, more than 17 people needed to be rescued this morning after a fire broke out in a burtonsville apartment building. >> helping dozens of residents displaced by an early morning fire that flaired up. hours after this early morning three-alarm fire was apparently extinguished. firefighters had to rush back and do it all over again. cleanup crews and residents had been trying to salvage anything they could. >> anything i could get out. >> instead, they had to scramble to safety a second time. while firefighters tried to douse the stubborn pockets of fire under the rubble. the original fire began at 7:30 this morning in this resident's apartment. dozens of people were trapped on their balconies and had to be rescue
Jul 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
out to texas for a little practice. they said that it really helps them bond as a unit. well, we got to see the hard work in action today on the field and rg3 was not totally perfect. but until every play that they need to go over there and they would have a little conference before starting the next play. and really, well, no surprise for you. and how much rg3 is trying to learn the offense, they need to learn the playbook. we've been seeing that since they first stepped food here in ashburn and extremely impressed with them. >> well, being in this game for, well, you know, a number of years now. and you kind of, well, can tell when you meet guys that will have it and they will have that. they are just on the way that they needed to carry themselves. >> that's by the way that they rode up in droves. to run the offense. and he is doing a fantastic job. >> reporter: now, like i said, today is the first day of full practice. everyone is shaking up the red sox to get used to the heat. fans are excited. this will be different from years in the past. usually they will do the heavy lifting
Jul 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
moved to denver from san antonio, texas. just six weeks ago she was in toronto when a gunman opened fire inside a busy shopping mall. she had written on her blog she had been in that same food court just minutes before the gunfire began there. >>> new york city's police chief says he was briefed the gunman entered the theater dressed as the joker from the batman movies, but aurora's colorado police chief will not confirm that is the case. we do know theaters across country are talking about cute tonight. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in silver spring -- about security tonight. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in silver spring where police have put a precautionary presence outside theaters after the tragedy in colorado. >> kind of glad they're making sure people feel calm. >> reporter: there was no sign today events in colorado slowed the steady traffic of fans coming to see the dark knight rises in silver spring and producer warner brothers has no plans to suspend the screenings of the film nationwide. however, this trailer for the upcoming release of gangster squad has been pulled. ironic
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5